Women are Amazing- Whatever Size!

So rewind to last week – I was feeling kind of down. The Penguin was losing weight and inches and gaining muscle faster than me. And I was just in a general funk. I don’t know if you read the post before this one, but it’s kind of like “why am I losing weight?”. If I’m the same person regardless of whatever weight I was at- then why should I change? If I truly loved myself, like I try to preach that every woman/womyn/man/person should- then wasn’t losing weight kind of like an expression of hate? Try to follow the logic folks: If I was 1) fat and loved myself then I didn’t need to lose weight. So if 2) I tried to lose weight then it meant that I didn’t really love myself. Because I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a lot of the motivation to lose weight is based on a hate of fat people.

And its not just in the regular world of the SAD diet. In paleo too. Here’s some articles (shared with me through the fiercerunner) about the need to change the idea of fat and women and paleo:

–  The Fattest People In Paleo

I’m Calling for a New Paradigm

I Love My Body

Paleo Women are Phat

and my friend the fierce runner’s own post: Is Strong The New Skinny?

So here I am trying to lose weight and participating in all these groups (weightloss or fitness centered) and I noticed a disturbing trend. One that vilifies and conceptualizes the concept of fat as disgusting and shameful. I get it. Being “fat” is a main motivation for many to be fit. Here’s an example via google and the words “fat loss motivation”. This is an image used on a fitness website to motivate folks for Memorial Day:

And here’s an image from a fat acceptance movement event:

Not a striking difference, no? That’s what I’m saying. These woman are still women and not objects for you to judge. I especially like in the previous picture how happy these women all look. =) And how DARE YOU take that away with your judgement (which is probably, unfortunately, a reflection of your judgement on yourself).

And like my previous post– no matter what weight I am, I too, will still be the same person. Maybe different in a few ways, but definitely the same in others. It’s just that people will judge me differently than they have before based solely on my weight/appearance. (And if you want to read a powerful statement on appearance look no further than this).

I remember I was at a nearby lake and I was pretty much as covered up as you could be in a tankini that reached past the waistband of the skirted bottom I was wearing. I mean it was pretty much a waterdress circa 1930. I am not as fearless as any of the above ladies. And as I was walking out of the lake I heard a girl I walked past say to her friend, “Ewww” the second I passed by.

Comfortable, joyous, and beautiful in her body

My point is this- I was down because I wasn’t “losing weight” last week because everybody and everything is telling me I should weigh less. And random strangers  (and even family members however well intentioned) feel the need to comment on my appearance and make me feel bad for being fat.

To be 100% honest I am here because I want to lose weight/inches (and still do). But not because I hate being fat (which is, btw, hard when everybody else hates you for being fat), but because I want to be healthy. Healthy at any size. And I may break down (because I’m human) and complain about my weight or how I look, but those are moments of weakness. It’s not ok to villify people for being fat. It’s not okay to make your motivation a fat person. I mean just being Paleo and really reading the articles – you’d see that it is EASY for people to become fat in America. We have a wealth of cheap and terrible for you food due to the corporate shrouded food industry. It doesn’t make you better to be skinnier than a fat person. If you’re healthy- you’re healthy. But I always hears a tinge of disgust or hate when people judge me for being fat. Sure, with mostly my family or strangers I may get comments about being fat (however well-intentioned some of those comments are), but HEY MAKING SOMEONE FEEL BAD ABOUT BEING FAT ACTUALLY MAKES THEM OVEREAT.

But the difference is that a skinny person can be just as unhealthy as someone who is “fat”, but NO ONE is degrading or making fun of the person who is unhealthy and skinny.

So let’s get all on the bandwagon for love and body acceptance. And love ourselves. And celebrate our victories. And don’t penalize others for not living up to your ideals. Be your own ideal. 

“Fat acceptance doesn’t simply advocate in favor of fatness. Fat acceptance is also about rejecting a culture that encourages us to rage and lash out at our bodies, even to hate them, for looking a certain way. It’s about setting our own boundaries and knowing ourselves, and making smart decisions about how we live and treat ourselves, and ferociously defending the privacy of those choices. It’s about promoting the idea that anything you do with your body should come from a place of self-care and self-love, not from guilt and judgment and punishment. It’s about demanding that all bodies, no matter their appearance or age or ability, be treated with basic human respect and dignity. That’s the world I’d like to build. For all of us.

— Lesley Kinzel, Why the World Needs Fat Acceptance”

– The Owl

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  1. grrrrl, I mean… OWWWWLLLLL! You are gorgeous! I remember you taught me about red lipstick! <3 and thank you!

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